Types Of Copiers And Printers

Our Raleigh, NC office technology experts have the ultimate guide to the many types of office equipment and their compatibility with your office. From features, functionality, and more, we will help compare the many factors of printers, scanners, copiers, and multifunction equipment. Using our guide to the types of printers and copiers available, you can make the best choice for your company when investing in new equipment for the office.

How Many Types Of Copiers Are There?

With so many different types and brands of office equipment available, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what types of copiers work best for small businesses or home offices. To begin the process of looking for new technology for your office, let’s look at the four main types of copiers and how they compare.

Konica Minolta bizhub c368 color multifunction printer

Multifunction Printers and Copiers

Multifunction printers have the capabilities of basic office needs like copying, printing, faxing, and scanning. However, they exceed those basic functions with advanced features like remote printing, emailing, security technology, and finishing options like stapling, hole punching, sorting, and more. A multifunction printer and copier is a great choice for large-sized businesses or medium-sized and small businesses with many in-house printing and coping needs.

Desktop Copiers

Ideal for smaller businesses, desktop copy machines conveniently fit in smaller spaces on a desk or table. Offering basic functionality, desktop printers, and desktop copiers perform the minimal needs of a company, simply printing, copying, and/or scanning documents. The disadvantage of desktop machines is that they are limited to the paper sizes they can print on and they do not offer advanced technology options that a multifunction printer is capable of performing.

Wide Format Printers

wide format printers raleigh nc

Businesses that work with a large amount of printed media will benefit from having a wide-format printer in the office. Wide-format printers accommodate printing jobs that need to be executed on larger sizes of paper than a standard printer. Oftentimes when a company needs to have wide-format documents and images printed they will outsource the job to out-of-office companies. This not only costs more than printing in-house, but it can also disrupt workflow and productivity, which is why having a large-format printer in the office is an advantage to you and your staff.

Digital Copiers

When you are able to print documents or graphics directly from your smartphone, computer, or flash drive, you are using a digital printing device. The old way of analog printing has become mostly obsolete, with modern-day printers and copiers being supported by internet connection capabilities and the ability to print quality text and images digitally.

Considerations For Your Office Copier or Printer

Whenever you invest in a new piece of office equipment you have to consider all of the options and their functions. For instance, does the new copy machine collate and staple to add convenience to the lives of your employees, or is the printer you plan to purchase capable of printing documents in color or just black and white? With so many options for office copiers and printers, you need to consider the different types on the market and the printer features that work best for your business.

Monochrome vs. Color

Monochrome printers execute only black and white prints. The advantage of this is that the print speed is faster than with a color printer and the text and images are usually more crisp and accurate. Not to mention, the costs for color ink are higher than for just black ink alone.

However, if your small business relies on graphics for presentations or materials, it can be worth opting for a color copier and printer. The advantages of a color printer are that they offer a wider range of options and flexibility, while still having the ability to print in only black ink when needed.

Buying vs. Leasing An Office Printer

If your business has the need for a large amount of printing and copying jobs, it is financially worth it to invest in the purchasing of a new office printer. However, for businesses with average printing needs, leasing a printer can often be the more desirable option.

With both long and short-term leasing options, when you lease from a reputable copier leasing company like CEI: The Digital Office, you get the following advantages:

  • Lower upfront costs when you compare to the price of an equipment purchase.
  • Convenient installations and set-up services.
  • Ongoing maintenance services.
  • Employee training on how to use the multifunction printing equipment.
  • Automatic equipment upgrades.
  • The prices of toner cartridges and ink are built into your monthly costs.
  • Options to purchase at the end of the lease period.

Wireless Printing

Modern-day multifunction printers and copiers do not need to be hardwired into a network. Instead, most newer models of printers allow for wireless connectivity. This means that once a printer scanner copier is connected to the network wirelessly, jobs can be scheduled and printed from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. When your machines are compatible with a variety of printing capabilities, it makes for a more productive office, so consider an all-in-one printer capable of wireless connectivity.

Print Speed

The speed of your printer and copier is important for productivity. When you have a print job with many pages, it’s reassuring to know that your print job will not take all day and hold up the line at the copier.

When you compare multifunctional printers, you will notice that while some machines are capable of printing up to 80 pages per minute, other machines have a print speed that will only produce up to 20 pages per minute. Depending on the specific printing needs of your office, you should consider how important printing speed is for your business.

Are You Ready To Talk More About The Types Of Copiers and Printers?

If you need a new piece of office equipment, the team at CEI: The Digital Office is here to help you consider all of the features and functions important for your specific business. Investing to lease or purchase a laser printer, inkjet printer, or all-in-one machine is a decision that needs to be made with the needs of each individual company in mind.

When you have access to a multifunctional printer that is capable of doing the job of a fax machine, scanner, printer, and copier while offering advanced technology for security and wireless connectivity, your employees are sure to be more productive and thrive at their jobs.

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