Most Raleigh businesses are looking for ways to go green and reduce their carbon footprint, whether they are using energy-saving light bulbs to switching to drought-tolerant landscaping options. Even when it comes to choosing a printer, the environmental impact can play a role in your decision, which is one of the reasons so many businesses choose Konica Minolta business printers.

Not only do Konica Minolta printers provide high-quality printing capability, they have been an industry leader in environmentally friendly initiatives, including saving energy, minimizing pollution, and reducing their carbon footprint. Now, Konica Minolta is taking another step in helping businesses embrace an eco-friendly workspace with their new recycling program. They know that plastic waste is one of the major contributors to pollution, which is why they now make it possible for businesses to completely eliminate plastic waste from their printers.

Understanding the Konica Minolta Recycling Program

konica minolta recycling program

By partnering with Close the Loop, Inc., a leading global recycling company who specializes in processing printer and imaging consumables, Konica Minolta makes it possible to avoid adding any cartridges and other consumable plastics to landfills or incinerators. Consumables refers to all of the items that a printer uses up, including:

  • Toner cartridges
  • Imaging units
  • Toner bottles
  • Developer units
  • Drums

This program recycles the cartridges for reuse, while other plastics are processed and reengineered to be made into other materials. Common materials produced from recovered component materials include asphalt and plastic modifiers.

Why Recycle Konica Minolta Business Printer Plastics

As initiatives to reduce single-use plastics grow, we know there are some items that simply can’t be refilled or reused. However, recycling them and giving single-use plastics new life keeps them out of incinerators that damage the air, and out of the ocean, where a surprising amount of plastic trash ends up.

An Easy Solution for Raleigh Businesses

Any organization with a Konica Minolta business printer, including the desktop and multi-function printers, bizhub printers and the Accurio production printers, can take part in this program at no additional cost to your business, meaning you don’t pay any shipping or recycling fees. In fact, they make it amazingly easy for all types of Raleigh businesses to take part.

Small businesses and home businesses can use any spare box to ship at least five KM branded consumable components back and print out a return label from the Konica Minolta website. Larger organizations can order Clean Planet recycling kits from the Konica Minolta website which all come with a pre-paid return label already attached to the return boxes. You can track your orders and even review reports showing how much you’ve returned from your company by weight and number of pieces. 

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