Spring-Cleaning for Animals

organizing cat and dog foodNational Volunteer Week did not get away without our dedicated team at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI showing a little volunteer ‘love’ by cleaning the SPCA of Wake County’s Food Pantry on April 6th. We believe serving animals, makes us better humans!

Spring-cleaning duty meant we took out food, cleaned spaces, sorted expired goods, then re-organized the food pantry to implement the shelter’s new system for sorting the diet-specific cat and dog food.

SPCA of Wake County’s Food Pantry Canned Dog Food

A clean, up-to-date pantry will help staff and volunteers of the SPCA of Wake County with their feeding time flow and ensure overall health and food safety. The new organization system, marked clearly with labels, will take out guesswork. Pet food has a shelf-life and since harmful bacteria can grow on it, best practices are never mix old food with new, or serve expired pet food. Canned food if unopened, is safe for up to two years from the date of manufacture, and dry food, including kibble and treats, can last one year if properly stored.

SPCA of Wake County’s Food Pantry Bagged Dog Food

At the food pantry, we stomped out four black widow spiders which appeared from spider hibernation called ‘overwintering’ while shuffling bags of pet food and relocating palettes around the space and shelves. Black widow spiders are venomous to pets and people, so the reaction of our team of volunteers was to get rid of them! Animals with compromised immune systems like those living at the SPCA shelter (young, old, with high-blood pressure) can suffer with severe symptoms and fatal reactions if bitten by a black widow spider.

Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI SPCA of Wake County’s Food PantryThis was Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI’ third service project with the SPCA of Wake County. We’ll have a team at the SPCA of Wake County K9-3K Dog Walk & Woofstock at Koka Booth Amphitheatre on Sunday, May 6th. Our goal is to walk and raise $2,000 for homeless pets with our fundraising team.

Visit our tent, play games, win swag! We are happy to be part of the North Carolina animal-loving festivities.

For information on the SPCA of Wake County – https://spcawake.org/