Service Day with the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce

Each year, the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce coordinates a volunteer day for companies in the area in both the Spring and Fall. During this year’s fall service day, our teams at CEI and Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI were thoroughly excited to join in on the fun and give back to our community.

The Morrisville Chamber of Commerce’s fall service day started with different companies choosing a project that was most interesting to their group of volunteers and most ideal for the team members participating. For our team, that was The Green Chair Project, which was fitting considering the recent hurricanes! Eight of our team members volunteered for the entire morning to help assist this wonderful organization. Working with them was amazing, and we had a phenomenal time inmaking a positive impact on the lives of individuals in need in our community.

After working hard and accomplishing a lot, the Morrisville Chamber of Commerce provided lunch to all who participated. We enjoyed delicious food from the Trali and interacting with volunteers from other companies, until it was time to get back to securing business’ network and data.


The Green Chair Project is a great non-profit organization that seeks to provide household furnishings and donations to individuals recovering from homelessness, a crisis, or a disaster. They do this by collecting donated household items and giving them to affected individuals. Since the founding of the organization in 2010, The Green Chair Project has helped provide essential furnishings to the homes of more than 2,300 families and has partnered with over 55 agencies, shelters, and nonprofits to positively impact the community. Needless to say, they are a dominant force in improving the lives of individuals in need.

We encourage you to donate money or household items to this cause or take time to volunteer for them! We believe giving back to our community and serving as a helping hand to individuals is extremely important, which is why we urge you to do the same. For more information about The Green Project, visit their website at