Secure printing solutions

In today’s world of information theft, it’s even more important for businesses and organizations to protect items of a sensitive nature that are printed. Businesses in particular must safeguard data both from outside and inside the company. Exploiting the vulnerability of printers has led to an increase in corporate espionage and the stealing of sensitive information. Document security is critical for valuable data.

Many businesses put a great deal of effort and money into protection against threats using malware, ransomware, and other intrusion-blocking systems, but little thought is given to protecting sensitive data from unauthorized users who want to print it maliciously.

Secure printing solutions are available for businesses to keep information secure when printing. In this article, we give you helpful information that explains what secure printing is, the types of secure printing, and the secure print solutions that are available.

What Is Secure Printing?

Secure printing is a term for printing tasks that meet a standard for privacy to prevent unauthorized access to printed information. The software and tools that are used in secure print address levels of access and the need to control printing by those who are accessing the information.

For example, a secure printing solution might include a mandatory PIN number or other security processes that ensure the person with the appropriate credentials is the one printing the document. This way, the information doesn’t get into the wrong hands and it is kept secure.

How Is A Printer Vulnerable To Exploitation?

When you have sensitive data, only individuals who have the proper security access should be able to print. Most printers have no security per se built into them. Security measures must be implemented in the networks.

If there are no rules put in place internally, then administrative access can be unlimited. This leads to serious security threats and misuse of data that can result in all systems on the network being vulnerable to attacks. Any unsecured printer can create a threat that can be exploited by hackers. A print job that has security measures for authorization is a successful way to have a secure print solution.

Key Types of Secure Printing

Printers, computers, and network servers can communicate with each other in several ways so that only authorized users access information. These types of secure printing provide ways to have greater control over the printed information. Here are a couple of the most common types of secure printing:

  • Basic secure printing means the print job waits on the server for a specific printer in order to have the appropriate user key in a preset PIN. The PIN authorizes the user for that specific printer. In this way, on-demand printing means that secure papers don’t sit in the paper tray of the printer.
  • Print-to-me functionality has all the printers on a network connected to the same physical or cloud server. Authorized users can use any printer in their office by simply entering a code or swiping an ID card. With mobile-enabled software, users can request printing directly from a smartphone app on their device; these provide convenient options for printing.

Is Cloud Print Management More Secure?

Some cloud services provide enhanced document security while others do not. Simply using iCloud to print documents doesn’t provide many options for secure printing. There are software services that have built-in solutions that protect secure documents when printed but never leave the security required on the network.

Security Solutions For Your Business’s Print Jobs

With the importance of secure printing being a priority for businesses, there are plenty of solutions on the market. The innovation being employed by companies means there are smarter and more capable cloud-enabled print solutions available for managing security. CEI provides cloud solutions with network security that gives peace of mind when printing sensitive documents.

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