5 Reasons Your Small Business Needs Managed IT Services

First things first… what are managed IT services? You may be familiar with terms such as help desk, backup and disaster recovery, and antivirus management. Managed IT services consist of a wide variety of products and solutions and will ultimately depend on the managed service provider. 

Here are the top 5 reasons your small business will benefit from managed IT services: 

  1. Expert Support is a Quick Call or Email Away
Printer Call Center Support

When you invest in managed IT services, you are investing in the expert knowledge of the technicians and the quality of the support. With a managed service provider, you will not need to waste valuable time trying to find help – you can quickly contact the dedicated support number or email address and you will be directed to the appropriate resource. Help is right at your fingertips!   

  1. Cost Effective & Tailored to Your Budget

No business is the same, so what one business needs for IT could be completely different for another business. Managed service providers will make suggestions for improving the current state of your security and network infrastructure and will then work within your budget to provide solutions and services that will make an impact on securing your business.

  1. Perfect for All Team Sizes

Managed IT services are beneficial to all businesses, no matter the size. If you currently have an internal managed IT team, you may wonder why you would need to hire a managed service provider. It is likely that your internal team is overworked, causing them to miss important deadlines. With supplemental IT support, a managed service provider can assist your business’ IT team with routine tasks so they can focus on other work. If you do not have an internal IT team, a managed service provider can fully manage your IT as if they were part of your team. 

  1. Prevents Expensive Downtime & Breaches

40% of small business experience 8+ hours of downtime due to a breach. Downtime can cause your business to lose thousands, maybe even millions of dollars. With the proper preventative security measures in place, you will not need to worry about downtime and security breaches that could cause your business to go bankrupt. 

  1. And Most Importantly… You Have More Time to Focus on YOUR Business

As a business leader, you should not have to worry about IT issues like data backups, firewall secureness, and software updates. A managed service provider will be able to automate processes and keep an eye on your systems to prevent any sudden failures that interfere with your business’ workflow.  Managed IT services will give you more time to focus on your business, rather than putting out fires.

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