Why You Need to Have a Strong Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, a disaster can happen at any given time that can jeopardize the files or digital assets of your business costing the company thousands of dollars or more. A disaster can be related to the weather taking out a system, server overload, simple mistakes, hardware failure, or even a hacker. That is why you must do everything you can to secure your business with a solid disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Why you need to make sure your business has a strong disaster recovery and business continuity plan:

Down Time is Expensive. Everyone business owner knows time is money. Without a strong disaster recovery and business continuity plan, your servers can be down for minutes or days costing you a lot of money.

Staying in Compliance with the Law. Disaster recovery helps you by safeguarding data required by HIPAA regulations regarding record keeping & BIA.

Mistakes. Expect mistakes and errors to occur in the IT world. The slightest mistakes can turn into the costliest challenges.

Saves you money. Running multiple servers or websites is not always secure and can cost up to three times more then many of the solutions we can offer.

Peace of mind. When you have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan with Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, you will rest assured knowing you have a strong course of action in place when something goes wrong.

Hardware Failure. Businesses put a lot of wear and tear on hardware, it is just a matter of time before the hardware fails. Being ready saves your business both time and money.

Quicker recovery. Allows your business to recover from an outage quicker in comparison to without a business continuity plan. This reduces your financial losses, and the frustration of your customers.

Improves the Customer Experience. A bad customer experience due to sporadic system outages will lower your customer retention rate.

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Reasons Why Businesses Turn to Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI for Disaster Recovery!

  • Fully-Duplicated Mirror of Your Business. An excellent disaster recovery and business continuity plan creates a fully duplicated mirror of all your businesses files and digital assets. This provides you with an identical backup to everything so when there is an emergency, the backup is just as good as the original and everything can be restored in minutes.
  • Local and Offsite Data Storage. The advantage of having a backup in another location is that if the power, weather, or other local event takes the system offline locally, there is a backup available on server in a location not affected by the same local elements.
  • Fast Data Restoration. With a state of the art disaster recovery plan by Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, we can ensure your business will be fully restored in minutes.
  • Fast Installation. Again, time is money in business, our disaster recovery solutions take no more than 5 minutes to setup saving you time and money.
  • 24/7 support – At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI we want to make sure you have everything you need including all the answers to all your questions during these critical moments. That is why we offer 24/7 support to guide you.

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