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Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI strives every day to be the best-managed network security provider in Raleigh. Every industry faces unique online threats from botnets, unsecured devices, and poor security choices that can possibly leave your data and your company’s success up to chance. In order to best provide the managed security that our Raleigh customers expect, Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI has partnered with WatchGuard to provide managed network security. WatchGuard is an integrated suite of managed security tools that can be scalable and customizable for many different businesses.

Our partnership with WatchGuard allows us to combine our over 20 years’ expertise and knowledge of the Raleigh area with WatchGuard’s flexible suite of managed network security solutions to create unique solutions for all of the different industries that we serve.

Advantages of WatchGuard Managed Network Security

Flexible Network Security Options

WatchGuard has many highly customizable security options to provide companies with protection from a multitude of threats, including unsecured access points, phishing attacks, botnets, malware, ransomware, and SQL injections. Based on the nature of your industry and the possible threats your IT infrastructure might face on a day-to-day basis, Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI can recommend a combination of WatchGuard products to address your unique network security needs as a business.

Secure Cloud Wi-Fi with WatchGuard

With WatchGuard’s cloud-managed access points, you can ensure top-tier security for your business’s wireless internet. This scalability also allows you to organically grow your wireless network as necessary, meaning that there are no bottlenecks or other impediments to adding new devices, employees, or locations. In addition, the easy-to-use management software allows a user to manage all of the access points from a single console for ease of operation.

Managed Network Security with WatchGuard

WatchGuard, however, is much more than just a firewall. As online threats have evolved, so too have WatchGuard’s offerings, and it is now more correctly called a Unified Threat Management tool. With this, we are able to provide multi-layer security for your company. Our Raleigh partnership with WatchGuard allows us to offer:

  • Centralized Management
  • Firewall/VPN
  • Security subscription services
  • Security policy development and management
  • Security vulnerability scans
  • Remote helpdesk support
  • Backup and recovery
  • Patch management
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • 24/7 security alerts
  • Compliance assessment
  • Telecommunications monitoring and management

Managed Network Security Requirements for Businesses

In a modern business environment, not only is it best practice to have a firewall, for some companies it is required. Federal law mandates that HIPAA-compliant industries have a firewall with intrusion prevention, a service that our Raleigh WatchGuard platforms provide. In addition, if your business processes credit cards online, the requirements are similar. As business continues to transition from the physical to the digital realm, investing in a top-quality firewall with intrusion prevention is an investment that can keep yours and your clients’ data safe.

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Visibility from WatchGuard

The immense amount of data and information carried by even small businesses and organizations is staggering. Knowing how this data is collected, stored, and shared is key to your network visibility which creates a solid and reliable foundation for your security infrastructure. Otherwise, without visibility in your network, issues like knowing who is accessing your data or what’s going out across mobile devices is impossible, meaning when there is a problem, you won’t know how to solve it because you won’t be able to see where the vulnerabilities are. 

That’s where Visibility from WatchGuard comes in. This network security solution is designed to provide you with complete visibility across your entire network. Services included with this are:

  • Logging and reporting all network activity. Visibility contains a suite of data reporting tools that provides instant identification and distillation of key network security threats. With immediate knowledge of any issues, we can deploy a solution quickly while also building preventative measures to stop threats in the future. 
  • Complete network scans. WatchGuard can run fast scans on every device connected to your network.
  • Better control of data over mobile devices. With the ability to track mobile connections using Wi-Fi and VPN, Visibility allows you to set up blocks to ensure only approved devices can access your business data and information. 

Improved threat detection. Visibility makes it possible to see when a device has become infected with a virus, spyware, or other type of malware. This allows us to stop the spread of malware before it infects your entire networks as well as clean up the problem quickly, before it can do serious damage. 

Mobile DNS-Level Protection

WatchGuard also makes it possible to keep your organization safe when your employees are away from the office. With DNSWatchGo, your team members will have DNS-level protection without having to rely on a VPN. This means that any known or suspected malicious sites are blocked, preventing phishing attacks and malware from entering your employees’ mobile devices and then your company.

Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI proudly provides WatchGuard Managed Network Security Services to the Raleigh, Cary, Apex, Chapel-Hill, Durham, Holly Springs, Morrisville, Sanford, Garner, Wake Forest, Clayton, and Smithfield areas. Call our IT department directly at (919) 783-1410 or complete the form below to schedule a consultation or to learn more about WatchGuard.