At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, we often receive questions about our managed IT services and what exactly we can provide to your company. Below, you’ll find listed some of the most common questions and their answers. We hope this clarifies our Managed IT services and communicates our desire to help your business succeed!

Why Do I Need Managed IT?

We understand that you’d rather focus on your business than serving as IT staff for your business. At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, our Managed IT team serves to supplement your in-house staff. Our team has multiple people who can assist you in managing your everyday IT needs. With 1 to 2 people supporting your staff, you can use supplemental support for IT projects. In order to maintain this capability, our staff stays current with their industry certifications. We work with a variety of industries and can help you understand your business’ best practices.

What Support Is Available for Managed IT?

End User Support

At a fixed price we provided unlimited end user support for your workstations. This means that you can always access our managed IT support when things go wrong, and rely on us to address problems before they go wrong. This also means that we don’t profit from your pain, and you can trust that we’re working to fix issues instead of merely prolonging them.

Server and Network Support

Our managed IT support also includes network and server management support, including:

  • Managing your office infrastructure
  • Managing and optimizing your firewall, switches, and routers
  • Managing your carrier internet. This means that we would be the ones calling Spectrum for you, saving you hours of time and headache

Backup Management

Configuration, monitoring, and testing of your backup software

Cloud Management

Administration of cloud-hosted resources such as Dropbox, Microsoft Office 365, Google Mail, Virtual Servers, etc.

Managed IT Helpdesk and Antivirus Management

Most businesses do have Antivirus software on their desktops, but it is rarely checked. AV software needs to be monitored to make sure that the definitions are updated and that the software is running properly. We include Antivirus software with centralized management and reporting in our Managed Services plans.

Do I Need Someone to Manage my Cloud IT?

Yes, cloud IT services require some degree of administration for adds, moves, and changes. While certain cloud solutions are relatively simple, even these require managed IT in order to reach their full capacity. In addition, if anything goes wrong with these services, having access to a help desk will greatly decrease your downtime.

What All Is Included With my Managed Services?

IT Managed Services

  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Managed Windows Patching
  • Managed Third Party Patches

IT Administration

  • Hosted E-Mail Administration for Office 365, G-Suite, Hosted Exchange, and others
  • Hardware Asset Reporting
  • Patch and Anti-Virus Reporting
  • Wi-Fi Client Setup
  • ISP Vendor Management (we call your ISP for you)

IT Support

  • Malware and Virus Cleaning
  • Profile Migration
  • Password Resets
  • Network and Printing Connectivity Support
  • Basic Mobile Device Support
  • Core Application Support (Microsoft and Adobe applications)
  • Third-Party Software Support (with valid support contract)
  • Support for both PC and Mac

Do I Need to Backup my Cloud IT Resources?

Every Cloud vendor provides a different degree of retention for your data. This, however, doesn’t mean that the things that are important to you will be backed up in the case of a catastrophic failure of your cloud services. You need assistance in determining if the provided level of service is appropriate for your business and Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI can provide it to you.

In addition, what if one of your users accidentally deletes an important file? What if there’s a sync problem with your cloud services during an important meeting or other stressful time? What if an employee leaves the company and maliciously deletes some crucial files? What if you need to institute a legal hold on your emails? Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI’ Managed IT Services in Raleigh can help you with all of these situations, allowing you to work on your business instead of your IT. Your data is critical, protect it. Call our IT department directly at (919) 783-1410 or complete the form below to schedule a consultation or to learn more.