Recently, the business world has been rocked with challenges, from trying to take your business online to maintaining communications with clients and staff. Due to the rapid nature of shifts in how business is being done, it can be hard to adjust.

You’re not alone in this. If you’re struggling to maintain momentum in your business, we can help in a variety of ways.

Supplemental IT Support

If your companies IT department is overworked or you simply don’t have the staff available to meet your new and changing needs, our IT professionals can step in to help. Whether you need updated network security measures, like antivirus software or firewalls, to setting up communication streams that allow you to keep the conversation going with your clients, we can work with you to set up the solutions you need.

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Microsoft Teams

Make sure your team can communicate, share documents, and access their files no matter where they’re working by making the shift to Microsoft 365. This takes all the benefits and features of Microsoft Office , including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote and supports them on the cloud.

With your subscription, you’ll also gain access to Microsoft Teams, so you can instant message, make calls, and hold video conferences with clients and employees. Staying connected is a snap!

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Elevate Mobile and Desktop App

For a more seamless method of communication, Elevate allows you to turn any mobile device or computer into a business desk phone. Set up conference calls, route calls to other numbers if no one answers, and even transfer calls to other team members without any hardware or special equipment. You’ll have the same functionality as you do with your desk phone at the office.

Need a hand setting it up? Learn more about Elevate Apps.

Setting Up Your VPN

If you and your team are working remotely, your business is much more vulnerable to data breaches and malware attacks. Wi-fi, especially public Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth have massive vulnerabilities that allow hackers to easily sneak in.

Fortunately with a Virtual Private Network, your data is highly encrypted and your IP address and location are masked to keep you more secure and protect valuable company and client information.

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Evaluation of Expenses

With economic concerns being at the forefront of almost every business owner’s mind, we know you may be considering cutting costs. We can evaluate your IT setup and look for ways you can minimize your expenses without sacrificing functionality, security, or communications.

Need IT Support and Assistance? We Can Help!

If you’re struggling with the transition of taking your business online or at least maintaining communication with your clients and employees, we can help! Since 1992, we’ve worked with businesses and organizations in and around the Raleigh Durham area, providing managed IT services and other technical service. Call our office in the Raleigh today at📞(919) 783-1410 or fill out our form below to learn more.

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