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At CEI, we are proud to be the trusted provider of IT support for all types of businesses around Raleigh and Durham. With over 25 years of experience in managed IT solutions, we know that while every business needs IT support, not every business needs the SAME IT support. A small business who can no longer keep up with the network security, updates, and fixes themselves is not the same as a business with an IT team who is trying to scale but has gaps in their tech infrastructure.   

CEI offers both fully managed IT and supplemental IT. Which one is right for your business? Take our fast quiz and find out!

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Managed IT Services

With fully managed IT services from CEI, you can reduce your costs of hiring a staff, while still getting comprehensive IT support. In addition to getting emergency help desk and security assistance, you’ll have the full advantage of our preventative and maintenance support, too to keep your technology infrastructure secure, stable, and reliable. 

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Supplemental IT Services

As your business grows, your existing IT staff may not be able to carry the needs of your business. Our supplemental IT service means your current staff can take care of many of your needs, and we can fill in the gaps and help you scale your technology to keep up with your growth and increasing reliance on technology.

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IT Outsourcing Services

When you outsource your IT needs to CEI, you can feel confident that you’re getting a team of experienced, dedicated IT specialists who are working on your behalf. For over 25 years, we have partnered with businesses in Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding areas, providing them with comprehensive managed IT services to keep their tech running smoothly.

In order for your business to remain competitive, keep your data safe, and eliminate downtime caused by outdated software and hardware, you need to adopt and implement modern IT technology. That’s why we offer IT maintenance services ranging from helpdesk support when you hit a problem to data backup and recovery in case of disaster. Outsourcing IT to us means you gain the benefit of our expertise when it comes to planning for the future. CEI will work with you to create custom solutions to meet your unique needs whether it’s designing a secure network or implementing cloud computing so your data is secure, accessible, and your business can scale with ease. 

We offer IT solutions based on your level of need, so you’ll get the services you do need, and nothing you don’t. 

The Benefits of IT Outsourcing

While large corporations, and organizations can benefit from having an in-house IT department to maintain massive networks and handle frequent repairs as needed, most companies simply don’t have the need to employ a full time IT department. Small to medium-sized businesses in the Raleigh – Durham areas often find that IT outsourcing is the right option because it offers multiple benefits, including:

  • Reduced costs
  • Expert IT resources from a team of engineers and IT professionals
  • Support when you need it (even after hours!)
  • Remote support for simple fixes
  • Emergency on-site assistance for complicated issues
  • Broad skill-set to help you tackle all of your challenges
  • Project management experience for large-scale IT updates

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You rely on your technology to serve your customers, maintain your data, and stay competitive, making it one of the most valuable resources you have. With our IT outsourcing services, you can feel confident that we will  help you solve challenges including an outdated infrastructure or faulty network so you can move into the future set up for success!  

CEI provides IT outsourcing services to the Raleigh, Cary, Durham, Chapel-Hill, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, Clayton, Wake Forest, and Smithfield areas.

Call our IT department directly at (919) 783-1410 or complete the form below to schedule a consultation or to learn more about our IT outsourcing services.