Since 1992, businesses and organizations in the greater Raleigh-Durham area have turned to Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI to manage their IT infrastructure and keep communication flowing smoothly. Now, with our array of cybersecurity solutions, we are also able to keep your technology and data safe, secure, and out of the hands of hackers and identity thieves.

Email & Spam Protection

Opening up the wrong email can lead to malware infecting your computer or even your entire business network. You may even be a victim of a phishing attack, in the event a hacker sends legitimate-looking emails via email spoofing to trick users into entering information or passwords that can then be stolen. 

You can’t afford to ignore emails that may come from legitimate sources, but instead of putting your network and data at risk with each unknown email you receive, we can provide you with email and spam protection that filters out viruses, malware, and phishing attacks, so you can open your emails with confidence.  


For comprehensive network security, we partner with WatchGuard Managed Network Security. With their customizable suite of managed security tools, we can provide you with the flexibility you need to best protect your data. Network security solutions through WatchGuard include scalable, top-tier security for your Wi-Fi, HPAA-compliant firewalls for healthcare facilities, and 24/7 network monitoring and alerts to if there is a data breach, you’ll know about it immediately. 


Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI will equip you with a firewall that monitors your network traffic and creates a near-impenetrable barrier from external sources that keep out viruses, spyware, ransomware, and other malicious software. We will work with your company to create the proper criteria of what and who is allowed access into your network and what needs to be filtered out in order to protect you against attacks and data breaches. 

We also offer a virtual private network (VPN) setup that allows you and your employees to securely work and communicate when using a third parties network

Virus Protection

Even with email protection, firewall barriers, and a VPN, there’s always a risk that something will make it through as hackers become more sophisticated. That’s why we offer an additional line of defense by way of antivirus software. Our virus protection scans your network and devices, looking for threats and suspicious activity so it can shut it down or remove it before damage can occur. 

Network Assessment

In order to know exactly what kind of cybersecurity solutions you need, you need to know where your vulnerabilities lie. To pinpoint exactly how we can best protect your business and prevent data breaches, we offer comprehensive network assessments that pinpoint weaknesses within your network infrastructure, from outdated software and weak passwords to mobile security and data backup. We’ll run an in-depth scan that analyzes your entire network and allows us to craft a full report detailing what you need to know.   

What Form of Cybersecurity Do You Have?

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