Optimize Your Pharmaceutical Company’s Processes with Managed IT

In the pharmaceutical industry, day-to-day operations depend on the easy accessing, updating, and management of substantial amounts of data and applications. Not only must these systems be properly managed, but also thoroughly secured. That is why our professionals at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI offer exceptional pharmaceutical IT solutions catered specifically to your pharmaceutical company’s needs. We ensure the management and protection of your applications, network, data, and more.

Our Pharmaceutical Managed IT Services

Pharmaceutical IT Consulting

Our experienced consultants will conduct a thorough examination of your existing IT infrastructure and gain a thorough understanding of your individual pharmaceutical company’s needs and wants. We develop an IT strategy to make daily operations of your pharmaceutical company more efficient and secure. After setting these goals, we will help you achieve these goals while staying within your budget

IT Management and Monitoring

It is important to regularly manage and monitor any pharmaceutical company’s IT infrastructure for many reasons, including preventing data threats, catching problematic instances before they happen, and keeping your IT systems running smooth. Our experts ensure that the entirety of your IT infrastructure is taken care. This involves proactive monitoring of your IT systems and using advanced tools preventing and resolving IT concerns. Our managed IT services at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI may lower your maintenance costs, ensure the proper functioning of all your IT infrastructure, and provide speedy resolutions to IT issues your pharmaceutical company may experience.

Cloud Storage Services

With the large amounts of data, a pharmaceutical company must store and manage, utilizing cloud storage is the most ideal solution for your pharmaceutical company. This is why our pharmaceutical managed IT services include cloud solutions. Our cloud storage services grant users the ability to seamlessly access and edit data from any device on the network. As a result, pharmacies that utilize this technological solution experience improved efficiency, mobility and lower costs due to not needing expensive hardware. Our experts will install and manage all necessary components of your cloud storage solutions to offer simplicity, convenience, saved time and money.

Single Sign-on Applications Solutions

Day-to-day operations of any pharmaceutical company involve the use of multiple applications, which creates additional passwords and risk to your proprietary data. Don’t let your employees’ passwords be a weak link or burdensome to manage. With Single-Sign-On (SSO)Applications from Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, all corporate passwords are maintained and protected through secure single-sign-on applications where complexity and change frequency can be enforced. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Applications from Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI ensure that your proprietary data is only accessed by authorized individuals. By using Single-Sign-On and Multi-factor authentication applications from Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, pharmaceutical companies mitigate a massive IT Security risk and subsequently make it easier for their employees to work across multiple business applications.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

Whether it be a network breach or compromised data, an IT disaster can lead to downtime without proper backup and disaster recovery services. With our services, you can be assured that in the event of a crisis, we will be there to quickly resolve the issue and help you recover with minimal downtime. Our pharmaceutical IT experts will create several backup storage locations for your data, secure your network, encrypt all your data, and design a detailed Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that even if your network or data is compromised, your pharmacy will be able to recover and return to normal operations asap.

Around-the-Clock Support

Strategic System – A Division of CEI’s fully staffed 24×7 help desk allows clients to be able to receive the support they need at any time. The helpdesk is manned by knowledgeable professionals who can solve and preventing any IT issues you have.

Print & Copy Services

We understand how important documents and paperwork are for your pharmaceutical company, and why it’s so important you have an efficient, modern printer that allows you to maintain and manage your documentation with ease. Through our parent company, CEI The Digital Office, we can help you select the right equipment, maintenance contracts, and more that provide you with exactly what you need. With over 60 years of experience in the print and copy field, we can be your partner in this as well as you managed IT provider. 

CEI The Digital Office offers the following print and copy services: 

  • A variety of printers, copiers, and multi-functional devices from leading manufacturers, including Lexmark, Konica Minolta, and Savin, for sale or lease. 
  • Leasing options that will meet your budget while allowing you to keep the latest technology onsite. 
  • Cost per copy contracts so you only pay for the prints and copies you need.
  • Custom maintenance contracts with help desk support so your equipment is always working at maximum levels.
  • Document management systems that include mobile printing, file sharing programs, and PDF editing.  

What We Do for Pharmaceutical Companies

  • Manage all IT infrastructure and data
  • Maintain and monitor networks, servers, and computers
  • Manage software and applications, and create custom applications
  • Install and manage firewalls, anti-spam, anti-virus, and other malware protective units
  • Provide HIPPA and Meaningful Use compliant security
  • Secure and maintain Hosted Exchange Servers
  • Secure access and use of emailing from all devices
  • Provide 24x7x365 Helpdesk support
  • Offer proactive backup management and disaster recovery services
  • Provide mobile device management

Our Pharmaceutical IT Services

With our IT pharmaceutical services, the time-consuming task of managing and securing your IT infrastructure is gone, granting you the ability to focus on your pharmaceutical company. Our managed IT solutions provide you with the peace of mind that all your data, software, technology, and applications are managed and secured. We understand IT infrastructure, which is why we seek to ensure it is always operating as effectively as possible. Below is a list of some of the major benefits of our pharmaceutical IT services:

  • HIPAA-compliant storage of Electronic Medical Records
  • Utilization of sophisticated incident management system
  • Helpdesk with 24x7x365 support
  • Advanced monitoring and management tools for all IT systems, networks, applications, and software
  • Prompt backup and disaster recovery services
  • Storage and Data Center hosting availability
  • Custom prices based off of your needs, meaning usage-based pricing or fixed rate pricing
  • Individualized Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)
  • Full IT infrastructure services, meaning no hardware investments required

How Our Services Help Pharmaceutical Companies

Our excellent pharmaceutical IT services have tremendously helped pharmaceutical companies by:

  • Establishing security throughout all IT infrastructure
  • Establishing secure access to critical data from any device
  • Minimizing chances of HIPAA violations
  • Enhancing the security and performance of EHR platforms
  • Optimizing IT systems to allow for more effective daily operations
  • Providing reliable backup and data storage solutions
  • Offering 24×7 assistance with all issues
  • Minimizing maintenance and hardware costs

Your network, client data, applications, software, and other parts of your IT infrastructure are of immense importance to your pharmaceutical company. It is crucial that these IT systems get the attention, management, and protection that they need. Our team at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI provides the IT solutions that will keep your pharmaceutical company running as smoothly as possible while ensuring that all of your IT needs are met.

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