The legal field is constantly changing and shifting – from updates to the North Carolina General Statute to groundbreaking court rulings that set precedents. Staying up-to-date with these changes is key to successfully representing your clients and drawing in new cases. So, shouldn’t the technology you use to serve your clients be up-to-date, too?

Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI offers tailored IT consulting for law firms and legal professionals to ensure your tech can keep up with both your changing industry and growing law firm, while keeping your data secure and your organization efficient. 

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Why Your Law Firm Needs an IT Consultant

Working with an experienced team of IT consultants makes it possible to update existing infrastructure and implement new technology that is specifically tailored to the needs of your law firm. The benefits of having a dedicated consultant includes: 

Improved Security

While it’s true for most industries that data is the most valuable asset, it’s especially true in the legal industry. For ongoing cases, you are continuously needing to access files, and even once cases are closed, the information is highly sensitive and privileged. As hackers and malware get more sophisticated, your network security needs to be prepared. Having a consultant perform an IT audit of your systems, look for vulnerabilities, and work with you to find solutions to bring your security up to the standard it needs to be can prevent a data breach that could prove disastrous to your law firm. 

Personalized Guidance and Advice

A dedicated IT consultant will look at the unique challenges and opportunities within your existing IT infrastructure and provide advice and solutions on what steps can be taken to improve the operations. Whether outdated hardware is slowing down operations or you’re currently working on software that just isn’t suited for your law firm, we can help you implement better options that will reduce stress, cut costs, and improve efficiency, so you can spend more time working on cases and serving clients and less time attempting to fix technical issues. 

Scaling Your Law Firm’s Technology Infrastructure

When law firms plan for growth, they often don’t take into account whether their IT infrastructure can handle more people, whether they are attorneys, paralegals, or administrative assistants. Fortunately, we can help you plan for the future and create a scalable infrastructure that makes growth seamless. 

How Our IT Consultants Can Serve You

At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, we have over 25 years of IT consulting experience working with law firms in and around the Raleigh-Durham area and are dedicated to helping you evolve and stay relevant. To do this, we offer a broad range of services and solutions to improve your operations, ensure your security, and minimize technical difficulties. 

IT Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

With cloud-based software and applications, you can eliminate the cost of licensing new software and the hassle of training on new software every few years. Through Hosted Sharepoint, a document management application, your team can access essential data wherever there is an internet connection. We help law firms set up Hosted Sharepoint because it offers robust security, simple collaboration, and easily integrates into your law firms existing software and applications. 

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT

For smaller law firms, having an in-house IT staff may not be cost effective, but when you do need assistance with software updates and faulty hardware, what do you do? With our Managed IT services, you’ll get the exact level of IT assistance you need, whether that’s 24/7 helpdesk support, antivirus management and malware monitoring, or keeping your software patched and updated. 

For larger firms with a dedicated team, we also offer supplemental IT support. This is ideal for when you need your tech team to focus on bigger projects like redesigning your network but you still need day-to-day support for any technical issues that may happen. This is also an excellent option for law firms just starting out or with minimal staff who only need small amounts of support.

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Network Security Services

Network Security

As we mentioned above, network security for your law firm should be one of your highest priorities due to the sensitive nature of your data as well as what it would do to your reputation if you were a victim of a data breach. That’s why we use WatchGuard managed network security to provide tailored security solutions that will keep threats out both in the office and over mobile devices. From malware that can corrupt your files to spyware that can steal your information and data and put your clients’ information at risk, WatchGuard protects you against these threats and so many others. 

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Printing and Copying Solutions for Your Law Firm

Printers & Copiers 

Having the proper printing and copying solutions for your law firm is a key part of your daily operations, and we understand this. We have a wide variety of devices, ranging from desktop multifunction printers for small offices to production printers for high-volume and speciality printing. Additionally, we have flexible leasing plans, maintenance programs, and document management solutions that minimize costs and maximize efficiency and productivity. 

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IT Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

As technology changes and your law firm grows, we can work with you to create seamless transitions. We have a team of engineers and consultants who can work with you to achieve your goals, whether that is to improve security, design a more scalable network, or update your hardware. When you need an experienced IT project management consultant, we are here for you. 

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With over 25 years of experience in the IT world, Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI offers IT consulting that will help you discover the best processes, tools, and systems for your law firm to eliminate downtime due to tech problems and elevate your operations. To learn more, reach out to us today at (919) 783-1410 or fill out the form below.