As an architect, engineer, or construction manager, you know how important your printed materials are to every step of the construction process. Mockups and projected images during your presentations and bid process, blueprints and maps during planning and construction, and prints of finished results used in marketing for your company are all key to your process, whether you’re working on buildings or infrastructure. 

At CEI – The Digital Office, we have a large selection of wide-format printers available for purchase and for lease from the brands you know and trust, and we’ll work with you to help you choose the best option for your company. With custom printer maintenance and service agreements, we make sure your printer is operating at peak performance to help you stay ahead of your projects. 

Why Choose a Wide Format Printer?

Wide format printers are versatile devices capable of printing blueprints, line drawings, and posters on demand. Whether you need dozens of prints or you simply need to replace a damaged map or a blueprint, it’s never a problem when you have a printer capable of handling the tasks you need. Our wide format printers offer the following features: 

  • High resolution print quality for clear, crisp details; 
  • Mobile capability allows you to print from the jobsite or from a client’s office and have it at the office immediately;
  • Touchscreen printing for intuitive ease of use;
  • Printing on a variety of substrates for optimal versatility and functionality;
  • Workflow automation to save time and improve efficiency with printed materials. 
  • Allows you to print large-scale items such as blueprints and construction drawings in-house, saving you both time and money.
  • Print images up to 210 feet in length
  • Can print 2,880 square feet per hour

Additional Printers for Architects, Engineers, and Contractors

In addition to wide format printers, we have multifunction devices for your day-to-day paperwork. Print contracts, proposals, invoices, and statements with ease using a printer from a brand you know and trust. Our multifunction printers offer the following benefits: 

  • High resolution printing for professional quality. 
  • Mobile connectivity so you can print documents while you’re in the field. 
  • Fast output and automated workflows to increase efficiency.
  • Ease of use through tablet-style interfaces.
  • Add-ons and finishing options that allow you to create professional marketing materials right in the office. 

Featured Printer

The KIP 860, CEI’s Signature Solution for Wide Format Solutions

  • KIP System K Software Suite included. 
  • This suite includes a wide variety of applications that can easily be downloaded on your multi-function printer including PrintPro, ImagePro, Windows Driver + Mac PPDS, Cloud Connect, Printer Status, Data Security, and more.
  • Produces vibrant color prints that are 100% waterproof, and fully lightfast preventing colors from fading due to light exposure
  • Low operating costs
  • Extended print lengths

Printing Services for Your Business

We understand that you can’t afford downtime, whether the cause is running out of toner or a printer malfunction. To keep your printer in excellent working condition so it’s always ready when you need it, we offer comprehensive and customizable printer maintenance and service agreements that will align with your needs and your budget. And if something should go wrong with your printer, we will be able to fix it quickly.

Choosing Printing Solutions for Your Architecture Firm or Construction Company in Raleigh

CEI – The Digital Office is a leading provider of printers, printing solutions, and IT solutions for businesses and organizations in and around the Triangle. Over the six decades we’ve been in business, we’ve built a reputation for innovative solutions and excellent customer service, and are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions that save time, reduce costs, and improve operations. To learn more about our wide format printers for architects and contractors as well as our other printing solutions, reach out to a member of our team at 919-781-8885.