Using WiFi Marketing to Increase Sales

Offering guest WiFi at your restaurant, event venue, or retail store is a service your customers look for and expect. However, you can use your free wifi for more than a convenience service that improves your customers’ experience. You can actually leverage your wifi as a powerful marketing tool, from gaining demographic information, sharing promotions, to using it for social marketing purposes! 

Understanding WiFi Marketing

Guest WiFi marketing and social WiFi marketing are the latest marketing trends to help businesses connect with customers. Simply put, it’s the ability to communicate with customers or clients directly through your business’s guest WiFi network and also gain valuable customer information to provide a more tailored experience to your guests.  

Social WiFi Marketing

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Social WiFi marketing is a more specific type of WiFi marketing that you can utilize if you integrate your WiFi with social media platforms. Rather than requiring a password for a login, guests can log in through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This gives you access to a wealth of marketing opportunity and customer data! Even better, if they have their profile set to public, logging in to your WiFi means they are promoting your business on social media!

Ways to Use WiFi Marketing for Your Business

Your marketing strategy can be incredibly simple or you can have multiple marketing strategies at once all related to your guest WiFi. Some great options include:

Branded Login

As soon as your customer goes to access your WiFi, they can be greeted with a branded page that features a promotion, new product arrivals, or another message you are trying to share. 

Email Signup

Email communications is essential for retail, restaurant, and other customer-service based industries. You can send targeted promotions, coupons, and all kinds of information that will bring visitors to your store or website. However, capturing emails can be difficult – asking for them at the register, trying to get them in a survey, or giving out membership cards are not always effective. Asking for an email address in order to access your guest WiFi is much more likely to work and from there, you have a direct method of communication!

Branded Review Requests

Having reviews are an excellent way to improve your reputation and get the word out about your business. Linking the login page to a Google or Yelp review page is a great way to request feedback and learn more about how you can provide a better experience. 

Social Media Marketing

Social WiFi marketing, as we mentioned above, works when your customer uses a social media account to login. By signing in with Facebook, you get an incredible amount of information, including psychographic and demographic data, along with contact information.

Data Collection

Gaining information about your customers’ behaviors, demographics, and shopping trends makes it easier to market to your customers. Whether you want to entice them with incentives, change your products or offerings to better suit your clientele, or change out your social media marketing campaigns to be where your customers are. 

Benefits of WiFi Marketing

For your customers, having free WiFi improves their experience in your business, whether they’re dining, shopping, or sitting in your waiting room. In the long run, by utilizing WiFi marketing, they’ll get an improved experience more tailored to what they want!

For your business, guest WiFi marketing has even more benefits, including:

Improved Customer Knowledge

Using your information from your analytics and knowing who your customer is, you can improve their experience. They’ll repay the favor by spending more money at your business!

Brand Awareness

With social WiFi marketing, you can turn your customers into promoters every time they log in to guest WiFi with their social media accounts!

Improved Marketing Campaigns

If you use your WiFi to collect email addresses, you can send out targeted email campaigns using your data.

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Getting started with guest WiFi marketing is so much easier than you may think! Working with a company who provides managed IT and network security means you’ve got a partner who can connect you with WiFi for your business that works for you!

We know how important social marketing is to today’s business, especially in retail. Using WatchGuard WiFi, we are able to help our customers tap into an often underutilized tool that can open the door for engagement with customers and promotion opportunities. To learn more about wifi marketing through WatchGuard, contact our team today at 919-781-8885 or fill out our contact form to get started!