How IT Revolutionized the World

With the holidays rapidly approaching, we thought it would be fitting to take some time to recognize a few major IT inventions that we are thankful for. Without these inventions, the world would not be the same. Here are a few IT inventions that revolutionized the world of business and IT.

Email | 1971

Can you imagine a world without emails? We can’t! Emails have revolutionized practically all industries, this is why it is considered the most important and widely used communications medium on the internet. We can thank Roy Tomlinson for this genius invention, the first electronic mailing system in 1971. Roy contributed the “@” symbol to the internet, that solved all the previous issues which had prohibited emailing before. With Roy’s expertise, individuals were finally able to communicate via two different computers.

As expected, this invention was an immediate success paving the way for Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, and other emailing agents to come. Thank goodness for this major technological breakthrough which makes our lives easier.

WordStar | The First Digital Word Processor | 1979

Micropro International astounded the marketplace in 1979 with WordStar. WordStar was the first commercially successful word processing software, that is why it became the best-selling program of the early 1980s. For the first time in history, inventors Seymour Rubenstein and Rob Barnaby granted individuals the ability to produce and edit word documents on a computer, this was a huge upgrade from having to manually write down information on paper or use a typewriter.

WordStar paved the way for other word processing programs, including Microsoft Word, to come. Without this software, the IT and communications world as we know it would be dramatically different.

Ecommerce | 1979

Ecommerce is another major invention that was a game-changer for many businesses. Without it, we couldn’t buy and sell products and services online. This is all thanks to Michael Aldrich, a brilliant United Kingdom native. His work spurred the advancement and sophistication of online shopping. So, we should all be extremely thankful for Ecommerce and the ability to conveniently buy and sell products all online.

Windows 1.0 | 1985

Don’t you just love how easy your computer operates? Or, how visually appealing the graphics are? If you answered ‘yes’ to these questions, you can thank Windows 1.0. Microsoft created Windows 1.0 in 1985 on the basis that personal computers had to be easier to use for them to become mainstream. This involved creating a graphical user interface (GUI), which enhanced the computer’s user-friendliness by allowing the use of icons and other graphical features to make navigation much easier. In other words, Windows 1.0 pioneered the use of all the helpful graphics you see on your computer, like browser windows, icons, and menus.

While Windows 1.0 wasn’t exactly a hit at the time, we’re so thankful for the invention that helped bring the PC to life.

World Wide Web | 1989

How would we survive without the World Wide Web? The World Wide Web allows us to easily access all the wonderful things on the Internet like funny memes, blog posts, and store data.

In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee changed history with the invention of the World Wide Web. He originally created it to make information-sharing between scientists at different universities and institutions around the world easier, but in 1993, the software was put into the public domain, and the World Wide Web evolved into what it is today.

Our team at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI wants to wish you and your family wonderful holiday season!