Cloud Solutions Will Help You Free Up Space in the Office

Most people have heard of the cloud and use it, even if just on our smartphones. But not everyone understands what the cloud is and how beneficial cloud computing can be to a business.

In addition to streamlining operations and helping you save money, one of the biggest benefits to using the cloud is the fact that it frees up valuable space in your office. To understand how cloud solutions can help declutter your physical workspace, it’s important to understand what the cloud is.

What is The Cloud?

The cloud refers to the remote storage of files on a series of servers. Essentially, your data is not stored on your computer, but in a professional, secure, connected server.

Cloud computing is similar and refers to software and services that run via the internet. Unlike the past where you needed to install a program on your computer or have a CD-ROM to run it, you can access programs and apps on the cloud from any device with an internet connection.

How Can Cloud Computing Help Free Up Space in Your Office?

How Cloud Solutions Can Help You Free Up-Space in the Office

Even storing documents digitally but not in the cloud can take up unnecessary space (e.g. if you store the items on your hard drive). Your business’s files will almost certainly not fit onto your computer, so external hard drives are a necessity. While today’s external hard drives are small, they do take up space in the office, especially if you have several.

A paperless filing system helps alleviate these problems and eliminates big, bulky filing cabinets altogether. Setting up a digital filing system takes time and hard work, but the benefits to your business are worth the initial time investment. When migrating to the cloud, you can scan all your existing documents and file them electronically, or you can phase out paper files by simply beginning your digital filing at the start of a new quarter, year, or even month and making note of the last paper documents you filed to make finding things easier.

Workflow solutions from Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI can categorize and make your paper documents readable by OCR (optical character recognition). This allows for you to search for archived documents with key words or other metadata.

Cloud Solutions in Raleigh

If your business is ready to move to the cloud, make Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI your partner for the migration. We offer a variety of cloud solutions to fit your business, including online file storage and cloud computing. Our cloud solutions are built on technologies by companies like Windows, SQL Server, and Active Directory – companies your business already uses and trusts.

Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI proudly serves businesses in Raleigh, including Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Holly Springs, Garner, Clayton, Wake Forest, and Smithfield.

If you’d like more information about our cloud computing and how it can help you streamline operations and free up space in the office, call us at (919) 783-1410 or fill out the form below!