Fighting Hunger in Raleigh NC

fighting hunger in ncDuring this month’s Service Day, our employees at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI combatted food hunger in North Carolina by providing individuals in low income areas with fresh, locally grown produce. We believe fighting hunger and helping those in need are both very important, so on Friday, June 8th, our team dedicated a morning to volunteering at The Interfaith Food Shuttle Farm.

Interfaith Food Shuttle FarmAt 8:30am, we rolled up our sleeves and prepared to get our hands dirty. Despite it being an extremely hot day of about 80 degrees, our morning was spent accomplishing a variety of different tasks. Using wheelbarrows and gardening gloves, we harvested, cultivated, and prepped lots of produce that were donated to families in need. Some of our team trellised, mulched, and harvested cucumbers, while others helped prepare a cantaloupe patch for planting. We weighed, sorted, and polished vegetables for a farm stand. Throughout the whole process, cold water was definitely our best friend!

At around 12:30pm, our hard work paid off, as we not only harvested over 200 pounds of cucumbers to be donated to families in need, but also helped with many tasks to cultivate and sustain the farm.

Interfaith Food Shuttles Farm

In North Carolina, almost 604,000 households don’t have enough to eat. In fact, North Carolina is the 10th hungriest state in the nation. The Interfaith Food Shuttle Farm recognizes this tragedy and responds by striving to end hunger in our community. They cultivate locally grown, chemical-free produce to those in need in NC, while also saving 6 million pounds of healthy food per year from being disposed of and alternatively donating them to low-income neighborhoods. Furthermore, the Food Shuttle organizes a variety of programs that teach individuals how to be self-sufficient through basic culinary training, gardening, shopping and cooking on a healthy budget. For more information about the Interfaith Food Shuttle Farm, visit