WatchGuard AuthPoint Multi-Factor Authentication

WatchGuard AuthPoint Multi Factor Authentication

At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, we understand how important network security is to businesses of all sizes. Cyber criminals target businesses of all sizes and while data breaches are devastating to any business, they can hit small and mid-size businesses especially hard.

WatchGuard, a long-time Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI partner, aims to provide clients with enterprise-grade network security solutions, no matter the size of their business. In 2018, they launched AuthPoint, a multi-factor authentication system for small and mid-size businesses.

Most people think of multi-factor authentication as something reserved for large corporations since it can be prohibitively expensive and complex for smaller companies to set up. With WatchGuard AuthPoint, multi-factor authentication is affordable and accessible to businesses of all sizes, helping keep more information secure.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Most network security breaches come as a result of stolen usernames and passwords, which are relatively easy for a determined cybercriminal to acquire – unless you have security measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA) in place. MFA requires additional information to log in, ensuring criminals can’t simply steal your login information and get into your system.

MFA goes beyond traditional two-factor authentication. Typically, the user will be asked to present three factors: something only they know (like a password), something only they have (such as a one-time password), and evidence that they are who they say they are (like a fingerprint).

How Does WatchGuard AuthPoint Protect Information?

WatchGuard keeps data secure by pairing the power of the cloud with a mobile app. Since it is a cloud application, setup and management are quick and easy!

The technology behind WatchGuard AuthPoint:

  • Mobile Device DNA: Your identity is verified using a push message, QR code, or one-time password and mobile device DNA is matched to the authorized user’s phone when granting access to systems and applications. It blocks attackers who clone a user’s device because their device DNA does not a match.
  • Easy-to-Use Mobile App: Install the AuthPoint mobile app (for iOS and Android) and authenticate right from your smartphone.
  • 3rd-Party Integrations: AuthPoint can be integrated with dozens of 3rd party applications, allowing companies to require authentication before accessing sensitive cloud applications, VPNs, and networks.
  • WatchGuard Cloud Platform Management: Deploy and manage MFA protection from the WatchGuard Cloud Platform. Housed on the cloud and accessible from any device, it makes up for limited IT staff and security expertise.

Secure Your Business with Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI and WatchGuard AuthPoint

As a WatchGuard Gold Partner, the experts at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI are specially qualified to implement WatchGuard AuthPoint for your business. To learn more about how AuthPoint can protect your business, call us at (919) 783-1410 or fill out the online contact form below!