What You Need to Know About Data Backup Plans

You worked so hard sacrificing so much to get your business to where it is today. Something like hardware failure, a coding issue, the weather, a disgruntled employee or something worse can happen at any time having a devastating effect on your business. If you’re not ready, your business is in trouble!

A dependable data backup plan will ensure when a disaster happens you are ready and able to recover fast with minimal damages. We will work with you to improve your current data backup plan or provide you with a data backup plan you can depend on. Below are just a few of the reasons why you need a dependable data backup plan.

Unrestricted Access to Data: A cloud data backup plan will let you to access your businesses data with no restrictions. Regardless of the time or your location, you will be able to access those critical files when you need them.

Quick Restoration: When a disaster wipes out all your data, you will be able to quickly restore each file, allowing you to continue working in minutes with a good data backup plan from Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI.

Peace of Mind: All businesses collect valuable information about employees, customers, their industry, and documents to stay in compliance with the law. Having a dependable data backup plan will let you sleep easy knowing there are backup copies of every file and folder that are easily accessible when a disaster comes that destroys all systems.

Customer Retention: If new customers or existing customers believe your business’ systems are unreliable, they will not want to do business with you. Even worse, they may want to write negative reviews or share their experience with friends and family hurting your organizations reputation. Having a data backup system in place will allow you to dramatically improve the customer experience during downtime helping you improve your customer retention rate.

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Space Saver: There are still businesses that operate with rooms filled with file cabinets packed with all kinds of documents. Physical record keeping takes up a lot of space and will be reduced to ash during a fire.  A cloud data backup plan will ensure digital copies are created and are easily accessible through any computer or mobile device saving you valuable office space. A cloud data backup plan can also reduce the amount of time it takes to sort through files.

Government Will Come After You. Documents are needed to stay in compliance with HIPPA, GLBA, PCI DSS, SOX, and the Tax Code are just a handful of the documents the government needs. If you are unable to produce these documents due to a disaster, you will be in trouble with the government. A dependable data backup plan with Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI will make these documents available minutes after the disaster.

Competitive Advantage When a disaster happens, and your systems go offline it becomes extremely difficult to continue operating creating a poor customer experience. Since your products and services are in demand now, your customers will find their way to a competitor whose systems are still online giving them a competitive advantage.

Doing the same thing twice. While minor systems failures are less severe, without a good data backup plan in place and backup files available you will have to redo specific tasks. Some files will be quick and easy to repeat, other files that involve coding, content writing, or media editing might take hours to recreate.

Deadly Downtime – According to a study in 2007 by the University of Texas 43% of business that suffer from a disaster that involved major data loss are not able to recover from that loss and go out of business. Don’t let this be your business.

Stay out of Trouble, get a Data Backup Plan you can Depend on!

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