What You Need to Know About Phishing

It’s no secret that hackers are at work, attempting to compromise you or your business. It’s also no secret that these malicious tactics are becoming increasingly more sophisticated, creating a serious threat to both big and small businesses. According to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, over 90% of attacks start with a phish. If you aren’t sure what phishing is or how to prevent it, our team at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI can help.

What Is Phishing?

Phishing attacks are scams or viruses that are created to trick you into revealing confidential information, such as account credentials. This generally occurs via URL or attachment phishing attacks, where an attacker that is posing as a person or entity you interact with sends you an email that includes a malicious URL link or attachment.

With URL phishing attacks, the faulty email commonly asks you to log into an account for a particular reason, such as updating a password or completing a security update and provides a URL to do so. Upon clicking the URL, you are taken to a fake login page that looks almost exactly like the site of the trusted organization or sender. If your login information is entered, you are redirected to the actual site, making it seem like you simply mistyped your credentials the first time. Your login credentials are then sent to the attacker, who can now access the information those credentials protect.

With attachment phishing attacks, the faulty email includes an attachment that is embedded with malicious software or macros. When you download or open the attachment, the malware is enabled or begins running. If this happens, your machine can now be accessed by an attacker, who can take control of your system or steal your confidential information.

How Can I Prevent Phishing?

Common e-mail spam filters simply aren’t intelligent enough to handle the problem of advanced, targeted phishing attacks and keep your business protected. It only takes one click to compromise valuable data or open the gates to malware on your corporate network. You need a layered approach to defend your business.

WatchGuard recently added DNSWatch to their security offerings to help eliminate this concern. DNSWatch is a cloud-based service that integrates with your web browser to provide extra security, protecting you against phishing attacks. As WatchGuard says, DNSWatch “adds a layer to RED and WebBlocker capabilities to block malicious connections on all ports and protocols – including those necessary during a phishing attack.”

Additionally, if someone clicks on an email or link that DNSWatch identifies as a phishing attempt, they are redirected to an interactive training module that provides warning signs of a phishing attack, and actions that need to take place.

DNS Watch is an intelligent service that instantly recognizes and blocks malicious websites or links. Once a phishing attack is detected on your network, the DNSWatch advanced analysis team of security professionals quickly finds the “what and how” of the attack to prohibit further attacks to increase your security.  This service is included with the Total Security Suite from WatchGuard,

Our Team At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI Can Protect You Against Phishing Attacks!

At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, we know that security is of utmost importance to any business. That is why our team is fully equipped to protect you and your business against phishing attacks, or any other security issues you may encounter, using the latest WatchGuard DNSWatch services. Call (919) 783-1410 now for a consultation or fill out our online form for assistance.