When you purchase or lease a printer or copier for your Raleigh office or organization, you will probably be asked if you’d like to get a maintenance contract to go with it. Is paying for regular maintenance on your printer a worthwhile investment? We take a closer look to see if purchasing a printer maintenance plan is right for you! 

How does a  Printer Maintenance Contract Work?

How does a Printer Maintenance Contract Work

Just like choosing your printer, you shouldn’t be given a “one-size-fits-all” option for your maintenance contract. The three most common options include: 

All-In-One Lease Payment

Your lease payment including a specific number of allotted prints per month. If you lease a color printer, it will most likely include a set amount of black and white (B/W) prints and a set amount of color prints. If you go over your allotted amount, you are charged a specific fee per page. 

For example, you lease a printer for a fixed amount per month and that payment includes a pre determined amount of B/W prints and color prints, but if you go over that amount, your contract stipulates paying a fee for each B/W or color print . While the monthly payment is predictable, you may end up paying for prints you don’t use. Preventative service, parts, toner, and drums are also included in the maintenance contract.

Lease and Maintenance Are Separate

This type of contract is also called a “cost per copy” contract in which the lease and the maintenance are two separate contracts. In the maintenance agreement, you are getting a preventative service that covers parts, supplies, and unlimited training. Additionally, you only pay for what you print or copy, so if your contract states you pay a specific amount per page,  your printer company will multiply the number of pages or copies by that fee. This means you only pay for what you use; this is a more economical option as every sized business or organization has periods of time where print volume may be higher or lower. You do not want to be paying for pages do you not use.

The CPC maintenance contract is a separate monthly bill, but both the CPC maintenance contract & all and in one option would cover preventive service, parts, supplies and unlimited training.


If you plan on purchasing a printer outright or leasing separately, you can choose to pay for maintenance when you need it. This means you’ll purchase toner as needed and pay a standard hourly rate for service plus the cost of parts. This can add up quickly as toner for most business printers can be expensive and an hourly service rate for printer maintenance can take a toll on your budget. 

What Happens If Your Printer Goes Down?

The first thing to consider about whether or not you need a service contract for your printer is what will happen if your printer breaks down. If you have a business that relies heavily on printing marketing materials, contracts, and documents, you can’t afford to have your printer out of commission for days. Having a service contract in place with a reliable company means your printer will often be fixed within hours, rather than several days.

More important than fast repairs, having a printer maintenance plan in place means most common breakdowns are prevented. As soon as you notice there are problems, such as an odor, frequent paper jams, or a decline in quality, you can contact your service provider to see what the issue is. Without the service plan in place, you may resort to troubleshooting the problem yourself, even if you have no experience with printers or simply dealing with the problem which can lead to more serious (and expensive) issues down the line. 

The Leading Benefit to Printer Maintenance  

When you think about where your time or your team members’ time goes during the day, how much do you have allocated for fixing your printer or copier? Probably not much! Having a printer or copier maintenance contract allows you to let an experienced professional troubleshoot and repair your equipment while you can focus on your business. You’ll save time and increase productivity, knowing your printer is in capable hands. 

What to Look for in a Printer Maintenance Company

Your new printer or copier can only be serviced or repaired by a company who supports your brand of device. For example, if you leased a Lexmark printer, your maintenance contract needs to be through a dealer who sells or is certified to work on Lexmark. 

Additionally, many dealers  only offer service contracts in conjunction with selling or leasing a printer, meaning they may not service a device they didn’t sell or lease. This is something you need to consider when you’re shopping for either a device or a maintenance contract. When you are looking into a company to purchase or lease a printer or to provide a separate maintenance contract, find out information that includes: 

  • Whether they can provide service for devices they did not sell. 
  • Average response time from when you call to when they come out. While some companies can be there within a few hours, others often won’t come out until the next business day.
  • Experience and expertise of the service technicians. 
  • How often they fix the issue on the first trip to a client’s office or business.

Most important for your bottom line, you want to learn about the contract itself. Is payment a flat monthly fee or is it a cost-per-copy payment scale where you only have to pay for the copies or prints you run? 

A quality company will be transparent with their information and allow you to make the best decision for your business.

Contact CEI for Raleigh Printer Maintenance Service

If you are planning on buying or leasing a printer or copier and would like to include printer maintenance, or if you’d like to get service for existing equipment, reach out to CEI. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions and take pride in an average response time of just 2.5 hours! Our experienced team offer excellent service, as seen by our 85 percent first call fix rate. 

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