Commercial copier features

Everyone who has ever worked in an office knows that the copier is one of the most important pieces of office equipment to keep the business processes running smoothly each day. As soon as there is a paper jam or you realize you are out of toner, print jobs start to back up, and this begins a cycle that makes the entire office feel chaotic until it can be fixed. At CEI – The Digital Office, we believe that your new office copier should help keep the day-to-day tasks of your business running efficiently.

Let’s explore the commercial copier features that will save you time and money so that your office documents get printed and copied without setting you and your employees back.

Multifunction Printers (MFPs)

Multifunction printers combine the performance traits of traditional office copy machines with digital printers. A multifunction copy machine features the essential components of a copy machine, color printer, fax machine, and digital storage device all into one piece of equipment for your office.

When searching for a new multifunction printer to lease or buy for your commercial business, you will need to consider the needs of your office. Here are some things to consider when shopping for your new office equipment:

  • paper capacity
  • print speed
  • scanning capabilities
  • wireless connectivity
  • storage space/memory capacity
  • image quality
  • security features
  • monochrome (black ink only) vs. color copier

Multifunction Printer Features that Save your Business Time and Money

Selective Reproduction

At first glance, selective reproduction seems like a niche need for a business. However, if your company works with clients’ personal or sensitive information it is an invaluable feature. The way selective reproduction works is that you can choose which parts of a single document get scanned and copied.

For example, if you copy a document that includes secure information like bank account information or a customer’s address, you can choose to omit those details from being copied onto your new document. Or, if you have an already filled-out form, but need a blank copy for a new client- simply scan only the designated part of the form that you need, and leave out the rest.

The selective reproduction feature on multifunctioning copy machines is a huge time saver for office workers who constantly feel like they are reinventing already existing documents because of small details here and there they’d like to keep off the new copy.

Auto Duplexing

One of the most frustrating features of outdated office equipment is when you need to make a double-sided print job. Typically, to produce a copy of a document on both sides of the paper, you would have to scan and print the first side onto the sheet of paper, then, reload the document and paper to scan and print on the other side.

This can not only be confusing, but also extremely time-consuming. Manually scanning a document feeder to print on both sides of one sheet of paper contributes to mistakes and wasted paper, which means wasted supplies and a financial loss to your business when you account for all the misprinted documents.

Auto duplexing allows your employees to have easily managed print services where the document feeder can process jobs for dual-sided documents.

Print From Mobile

The ease of having access to print services from mobile devices is essential to modern-day business processes. All of your employees rely on their digital devices for work productivity in some way or another.

Employees keep themselves organized with their digital calendars, use their digital devices for the quick convenience of responding to work messages and emails, and to use the important feature of multifunction printers where they can send documents directly to the copier from their cellphones, tablets, or computers. multi

Secure Print Release

When looking for the best features in a new office copier, the handling of sensitive documents should be considered. 

Secure print release enables you to set up a print job to be sent to the copier, but will not print until you release the job. This means that you no longer have paper build up at the copy machine because people accidentally print multiple pages, nor will you have potentially sensitive information accessible to anyone’s eyes.

Print speed

How many pages per minute your copier can produce depends on the features of the machine. For instance, most color copiers will take longer to print, whereas monochrome, all-black ink printers will perform printing jobs faster.

When shopping for a new office copier, consider your average monthly printing volume. Considering if your company, on average, prints 2,000, 5,000, or 10,000 documents monthly will help determine the best printer speed for your business needs.

Paper Capacity

Many new office copier machines have additional trays to increase the paper capacity and types of paper stored in the machine.

Reasons you may need different paper trays are to account for:

  • Different-sized paper documents, such as 8.5 x 11 versus legal paper.
  • Different paper types like color, weights, and finishes.
  • Adding additional capacity.


Printers rely on their storage space and memory in order to operate well and print documents quickly. Just like computers, copy machines store information until the data is manually deleted from the system. This can cause potential security issues to arise if sensitive documents are stored and accessible.

Speak to our professional multifunctional printer technicians to determine the best ways to protect your company from storing memory long-term. Determining the capacity for memory to be stored within your machine along with the levels of security will help keep your customer and business information secure and protected.

Optical Character Recognition

An innovative new feature of many multifunction copiers is their ability to decipher text that is in the form of an image file, then translate it to digital, editable text.

Optical character recognition is a feature that saves you time now that these printed character documents are part of a searchable database. This can save your business money from purchasing software like Adobe.

Document Sorting

If you’ve used an office copy machine, chances are you’ve encountered the frustrating moment when you realize your documents are out of order and need to be recopied or reorganized, costing you time. Smart new digital copier machines automatically detect if your documents are out of page order and sort them for you, no matter how many pages are out of order.

Collate and Staple

Gone are the days of administrative assistants or interns using valuable time to collate and staple documents by hand. There are many more valuable ways for your employees to spend paid company time than standing at a copy machine and performing mundane tasks of organizing and stapling documents.

A multifunction commercial copier features automatic collation and stapling functions for any print job, meaning your staff can now spend their time on more useful and productive tasks.

Document Finishing

In addition to collating and stapling, there are other document-finishing jobs that a multifunction copy machine is capable of.

Here are some more document-finishing features of multifunction office printers that save valuable time:

  • hole-punching
  • paper folding for ease in putting into folders or envelopes.
  • cutting and trimming to reach the desired paper sizes.
  • lamination
  • binding

Not every print job in your office will need document finishing features, but having them available for when the need arises is a great way to adapt your business to a modern-day workplace.

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