CEI’s headquarters, located across from the Angus Barn on US-70, proudly boasts a roof full of 615 solar panels. Not only do they have a “CEI” written in the panel layout on the roof for the elucidation of passengers landing and taking off at nearby RDU. The “CEI” arrangement can also be seen from space. In 2014, CEI installed 615 solar panels and took 80% of their power generation off the grid. This installation will pay for itself in another 2 years, as both the federal and state governments have incentivized solar installation for its green energy potential. CEI is proud to be a part of making Raleigh and North Carolina some of the nation’s leaders in solar power, and are glad that we can give back to our community in this cool and green fashion.

CEI’s Solar Curve

CEI wanted to take our commitment to the environment one step further by installing not only an additional solar panel but a piece of artwork that would transition our “greenness” into a topic of conversation. We partnered with Spotlight Solar, and Yes! Solar Solutions to install the first ever solar curve. This aesthetically pleasing structure can be seen by any passerby using Glenwood Avenue – its flower-like resemblance provides a great area for CEI employees to enjoy a shaded lunch, or even charge their phones. With a vivid CEI blue base, our branding efforts are not only a visual statement but help bring awareness to local businesses going green.

CEI Gives Back

We at CEI are proud that our efforts at going green can have a positive impact on the environment. We like to do things to beautify Raleigh and make it a healthier and happier place to live. Our solar installations allow us to simultaneously save money and help the environment of the city we love. If you would like to learn more about our solar installations, community involvement, or products, contact us today at 919-781-8885 or online.