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Company News

What Is A Multifunction Printer (MFP)

Wondering what the best type of printer for your office is? With so many types of printers and copy machines on the market, it can be difficult to decide which has the features that your company is most in need of. Our office equipment experts at CEI: The Digital Office are here with your ultimate...

Secure printing solutions

Secure Printing Solutions To Keep Your Documents Safe

In today’s world of information theft, it’s even more important for businesses and organizations to protect items of a sensitive nature that are printed. Businesses in particular must safeguard data both from outside and inside the company. Exploiting the vulnerability of printers has led to an increase in corporate espionage and the stealing of sensitive...

Printer Features To Consider For Your Hybrid Office

Printer Features To Consider For Your Hybrid Office

If you have a hybrid office these days, you’re not alone. Statistics show that 61% of people are now working in a hybrid office situation. Because of this shift, you’ll likely need to rethink the type of office equipment you need and the features it offers. A printer is a standard piece of office equipment...

Commercial copier features

Commercial Copier Features That Save Time And Money

Everyone who has ever worked in an office knows that the copier is one of the most important pieces of office equipment to keep the business processes running smoothly each day. As soon as there is a paper jam or you realize you are out of toner, print jobs start to back up, and this...

a3 vs a4 paper sizes

What is the Difference Between an A3 and an A4 Copier?

Do you know what the difference between an A3 and an A4 copier is? If not, you are in the right place! We are here to break down the specifics of this commonly asked question.  What Is An A4 Copier? An A4 copier system is a multifunctional device that usually consists of a printer, scanner,...

difference between intruders and virus

What Is The Difference Between Intruders And A Virus

When your computer starts acting strange and maybe stops working completely, it’s time to see what’s behind it. Is it an intruder, a virus, or something else? Many people assume that when their computer isn’t working right, a virus must be to blame. But, that’s not always the case.  Other things can invade your computer...

Consequences of cyber attacks

The Consequences Of Cyber Attacks And Their Impact On Cybersecurity

As our reliance on technology and connectivity grows, so does our vulnerability to cyberattacks. Unlike the viruses of a few years ago that would shut down a system for a few hours, today’s consequences of cyber attacks can include stolen data, destroyed networks, and thousands or even millions of dollars in recovery efforts.  To better...

Cyber Attack Lifecycle

Understanding The Cyber Attack Lifecycle

The cyber attack lifecycle is the process that describes how an attacker would develop or move through a series of activities to effectively enter an organization’s network and steal data or classified information. At CEI – The Digital Office, we are committed to supplying top-quality managed network security. We’re sharing an extensive guide about the...

how to prevent phishing attacks

Phishing Attacks: Defending Your Organization

Defending Your Organization From Phishing Attacks Cyberattacks occur every day in organizations around the world. There are many types of ways cyberattacks originate, but the most common is phishing. Studies show that 80 percent of cyberattacks are due to phishing.  In the first quarter of 2021, 611,877 unique phishing sites were detected, representing a four...

production printing raleigh

What Is The Best Wide Format Digital Printer?

When it comes to wide format digital printers, there are a lot of different options on the market. It can be difficult to determine which printer is right for your needs. Here at CEI, we’re excited to help you distinguish between all the different models and find one that caters to your unique needs and...

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