Our Favorite Day, Bring Your Kid to Work!

take your kid to work day

June 26th was one of our favorite days at Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI: Bring Your Kid to Work Day! Our day was filled with lots of fun, laughter, yummy food, and even some educational lessons for the younger ones.

Not only did the kids have a blast, but our team members did too! Everyone commented on how nice it was to have the children in the office for a day as it not only allowed our staff to have a more amusing day, but also allowed them to learn more about everyone’s families.

Altogether, we hosted a total of 9 children for our 3rd annual Bring Your Kid to Work Day. Each year, we choose a theme to make the day as fun, engaging, and educational as possible. This year’s theme focused on company branding.

take your children to work day

Our team member’s children started their exciting day by exploring the office and learning about the jobs that keep us functioning. Our team members were asked to prepare brief presentations about their jobs, what their daily tasks include, and how they help the company. Based on those presentations, the children completed a scavenger hunt. After that entertaining activity, each child had the opportunity to sit with their parent (or parents) to learn more about their daily job and their contribution. Our goal was to help the children understand their parent’s job and appreciate what they do each day. No more confused and amusing answers when someone asks what their parents do at work!

Next, it was time for lunch. We had a delicious BBQ meal from Barry’s Café and, of course, watched The Incredibles!

take your kid to work day in raleighAfter lunch, the children learned about branding and why it is important for any company. We discussed Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI and CEI’s branding and how we use Raster and Stratus to help increase our brand awareness and market ourselves to our clients.  We talked about different branding techniques and allowed the children to present their ideas. Lastly, the children were able to create their own personal brand by making their own superhero capes, a perfect activity after watching The Incredibles.

With the children’s learning capacity spent for the day, the rest of the late afternoon was spent competing for prizes. They played lots of classic, exciting games like Simon Says, Musical Chairs, and Relay Races. Saving the best for last, the final activity was a water balloon toss, followed by an epic water balloon fight, which was definitely the children’s favorite activity!