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Connecting Businesses with Printer Brands

For over 60 years, businesses around Raleigh have relied on CEI to help them overcome challenges related to printing and document workflow. We are dedicated to ensuring that we are connecting our customers with the best printer and copier brands for their needs, whether it’s a smaller, multi-function printer for a small business or a large, wide-format printer. That’s why we only carry brands that not only have a reputation for excellence, but we have first-hand experience with.

CEI is a service-focused business, where we go far beyond simply making a sale and delivering a device to your office. We want to be your partner in printing solutions for years to come, and that starts with installing and setting up your equipment, plus training you and your team how to use it. From there, we also offer help desk support and maintenance. This gives us a unique, comprehensive look at nearly all printer brands, and we are dedicated to carrying only the best in dependability, innovation, and quality of output.

Featured Brands

SavinKonica MinoltaKIPXante En-PressLexmarkDuploFiery


02. Savin

A Printer and Copier for Every Business Need

Whether you are seeking a desktop multi-function printer for everyday copies, faxes, and printing, or you need to print complex marketing materials in high-resolution colors, Savin has the right device for your business needs. Their Smart Operation Panel technology makes it easy to begin custom workflows and save time across complex tasks, and they offer cloud applications to let your team print from mobile devices. Innovative, versatile, and reliable, Savin is a copier brand we know and trust.

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03. Konica Minolta

An Award-Winning, Best Selling Printer Brand

Konica Minolta has universal name recognition for their commercial-use printing and copying devices. They are best known for their business copiers and multi-function devices that are relied on by small, medium, and large businesses alike across Raleigh. Featuring functions that save you time and increase your productivity, Konica Minolta is a cost-effective printer brand that you can rely on to help you improve your business operations.

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04. KIP

The Leading Eco-Friendly Multifunctional Wide Format Systems

KIP offers exciting innovation in wide format printing technology, especially regarding sustainability. We know many of our Raleigh customers are seeking to minimize their carbon footprint and create a healthier office environment without sacrificing the quality of their printing output. KIP multifunctional wide format systems have multiple energy saving properties including power-saving modes and energy efficient work output, plus, they have no to low ozone and dust emissions.

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05. Xante En-Press

The Ultimate Envelope Printer Brand

We often serve businesses in Raleigh who require an envelope printer that can keep up with their need for high-end, customized envelopes. The Xante En-press is an envelope printer brand that offers the latest in color innovations, and has integrated features that allow our customers to save time and money by printing all the envelopes they need right from their office!

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06. Lexmark

A Cost-Effective Copier Brand That Leads in Efficiency

For businesses who are seeking an efficient workflow solution that can offer the technology of a large-scale printer with the flexibility of a multi-function device, Lexmark is a copier brand to trust. Known for reliability and ease of use, Lexmark printers and copiers are a smart investment for your business printing needs that cut cost while boosting productivity.

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07. Duplo

The Leading Printer Brand for Finishing Solutions

Duplo makes it easy to turn simple documents into gorgeous presentations, booklets, and banners. With their multitude of offline finishing options, our customers find success with the Duplo bindery systems.

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08. Fiery

A Fiery printer controller takes your printing tasks one step further because instead of simple software or a small piece of hardware, Fiery is a high-end workstation that adapts to all types of printing needs.  A Fiery controller is a raster image processor, or RIP which converts images into raster images, which are composed of pixels. Examples of a raster image include your photos from a digital camera or images found on websites.

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We’ve worked with Raleigh businesses for over 60 years, providing printing and copying solutions to improve their document workflows, maintain their equipment, and connect them with new devices to meet their needs. If you’re ready to buy or lease a printer for your business, CEI has a wide variety of commercial printers and copiers to choose from and the expertise to help you find the right one. Contact us today at (919) 781-8885 or fill out the form below to learn more.

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