Protecting your data is a crucial part of ensuring the success of your company. Having your data compromised, whether it be through hacking or ransomware, can devastate any business, costing you large sums of money and jeopardize your business. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your data that can help minimize the chances of digital threats harming your company. Here are the best ways business can protect their data.

Train Your Employees

One of the best ways businesses can protect their data is by training their employees. A number of data attacks, such as the infamous one on Target, are the result of employees being unaware of what common security threats look like and accidentally aiding the hackers in their scandals.

Thoroughly training your employees to recognize potential attacks, like phishing scams, and suspicious activity, as well as educating them on best practices, such as using strong passwords, regularly updating software, can save your company an infinite amount of stress and money. This training should not just happen once or twice, but regularly, especially as new data threats and more sophisticated means of hacking arise. Hold educational sessions on new security threats, harmful software, what should not be done with new software, and how all these data threats can be avoided.

Secure Your Network

Securing your business’ network is one of the most important things you can do to protect your data. Hopefully, you already have a form of antivirus software and a firewall. If not, this is the first and most critical step business owners can take to protect their data. Be sure to have a trusted and effective antivirus software and firewall in place to safeguard your company’s network. This software will deter any viruses or other attacks from harming your network and stealing your data. For even more security, have these security programs managed by a professional IT company, such as Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI.

Regularly Update Your Software and Systems

Another prime way businesses can protect their data is by regularly updating their software and systems. Instead of ignoring the notifications, update your computer or software. Leaving a software unpatched is a common data threat to all businesses, as it leaves a “hole” in your software or system that a hacker can then gain access to your network through. Updating your software and systems ensures that all potential “holes” that hackers can leverage are patched and secured. Updates usually provide better protection to your network and systems, meaning every update generally strengthens and reinforces your software or system. Avoid potential threats to your network by regularly updating your software and systems.

Back Up Your Data

Utilizing cloud storage to backup your company’s critical data is another recommended step business owners should take. Cloud storage stores all your data for you in a remote server or hard drive known as the “cloud,” that is accessible through the internet. Having your data automatically backed up to the cloud, or any other external location, ensures that if your network was compromised, your critical data would still be both recoverable and accessible. Taking this step ensures that your business would not be victimized by ransomware.

Secure All Devices

Best Ways Business Owners Can Protect Their DataAnother way businesses can protect their data is by securing all devices that are used to access your company’s data. This means all employee laptops should have antivirus software installed on them, as well as a virtual private network (VPN), which protects the device when it is connected to a public or less secure Wi-Fi network.

A contract should be made known to all employees which states that all devices used to access the company’s network must meet the set security standards, and that no devices may be used that fail to meet these standards. This will eliminate the possibility of hackers using unsecure devices to gain access to your business’ data.

Use an Email Encryption and Security Software

Emails are an important part of any business, which is why using email encryption is one of the best ways businesses protect their data. Email encryption ensures that your email, and critical information it may contain, will only be read by the intended recipients. More hackers are being able to steal corporate information from emails today then ever, so this is a step needs be taken seriously. Make sure that email encryption is used on every employees computer and device.

Using a software that scans emails to ensure no suspicious email is allowed access to your employee’s inbox is also a worthwhile decision.

Our Team Can Thoroughly Protect Your Data So That You Don’t Have To.

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