Managed IT Services in Greensboro

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If you’re concerned with security breaches that could compromise your data, frustrated by outdated software, or losing time to system failures and outages, managed IT services are the solution you need. Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI offers comprehensive and customizable IT solutions for small to medium sized businesses in Greensboro that will allow you to maximize productivity and profits while minimizing risk and downtime. 

Our services include: 

Cloud Solutions in Greensboro

Cloud Solutions

More business solutions are transitioning from installed software to cloud-based platforms, allowing users to access their files, applications, and communication tools from anywhere with an internet connection. Many of the managed IT services we offer are hosted on the cloud in order to provide you with more efficient, affordable options that are convenient to update, upgrade, and keep secure while allowing you to collaborate with your team, manage your projects, and connect with your clients. 

Why Choose Cloud Computing

  • Access your work from your tablet, laptop, or smartphone;
  • Automatically updates with security improvements and patches for problems;
  • Customizable and scalable options for your business;
  • Save money by not purchasing annual licenses or subscription expansions for different devices; 
  • Compliance with HIPAA, Payment Card Industry Standards, and Sarbanes-Oxley.

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Managed IT Services in Greensboro

Managed IT Services in Greensboro

We offer a comprehensive array of services, allowing you to choose tailored solutions that meet the needs of your organization while aligning with your budget. 

Complete Monitoring and Support

  • Certified Help Desk Available 24/7
  • 8-5 or 24/7 Monitoring for Your Computers, Network, and Servers
  • Maintaining and Updating Microsoft and Third-Party Software and Apps
  • Backup Management
  • Network Connectivity Support
  • Critical Services Monitoring
  • Malware and Virus Removal
  • Custom Monitor Development

IT Administration

  • Hosted Email Administration
  • Wi-Fi Client Setup
  • ISP Vendor Management
  • Network Operations Center (NOC)

Convenient Client Communication

  • Defined Service Agreements
  • Flexible Alert Notification Options
  • Ticket Tracking Portal
  • Asset Reporting
  • Monthly Summary Reporting

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Greensboro Network Security and Design Services

Network Security and Design

Your communication and data transmission all relies on having a robust network that is stable and secure enough to support all users while blocking external threats. As your business grows, the more strain is placed on your network, leading to slowed down service, server crashes, and security vulnerabilities – all of which can reduce productivity and frustrate both your team and your clients. 

Network Design

We’ll help you avoid a sluggish network and crashes with a scalable, efficient network that is customized to your organization. We’ll look at how we can streamline your network, including installing an efficient cabling structure and adding servers to support more data transfers as well as looking at how we can improve security from the start to minimize external threats. 

Network Security

In addition to an efficient, robust network that can handle your traffic and scale with your growth, we also provide managed network security through WatchGuard to block malware and cyberattacks that could crash your system and put your confidential data in the hands of hackers. WatchGuard includes: 

  • Centralized management
  • Firewall/VPN
  • Security subscription services
  • Security policy development and management
  • Security vulnerability scans
  • Patch management
  • 24/7 network monitoring and security alerts
  • Compliance assessment
  • Telecommunications monitoring and management

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Greensboro Printing Solutions

Printing Solutions

We offer a wide variety of printers and copiers for your business designed to meet your needs, including: 

  • Space saving multifunction desktop printers for small offices;
  • Multifunction business printers that allow for mobile printing and workflow solutions;
  • Enterprise level production printers for speed and versatility;
  • Wide format printers to print blueprints, maps, banners, and other marketing materials.

In addition to variety, we offer both purchase and leasing options as well as convenient maintenance programs that ensure you have the service and support you need from a trusted provider. 

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Greensboro Business Communication Tools

Business Communication Tools

The right communication tools allow SMBs in Greensboro to compete with larger companies. With our business communication tools, you’ll open up your ability to communicate, collaborate, and connect with both your team and your clients effectively. As today’s workplace moves away from the traditional office and moves to more remote work, we can help you make the shift, too. Whether you want to turn any internet-connected device into a fully functional business phone to allow clients to reach you more easily or you want to improve your teams video conference calls, collaboration on documents, or maintains your files, we can help you choose the right options for your business. 

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Data Backup Protection and Recovery in Greensboro

Data Backup Protection and Recovery

Your data and files are your most valuable resource and, without a reliable data backup protection and data recovery solution, a server crash, data breach, or natural disaster can erase some or even all of your data, from customer and employee information to accounting records. 

Fortunately, we can connect you with Datto, a leading backup and disaster recovery software that ensures your business is always easily accessible and readily available. Datto securely backs up your files and data on a frequent, regular basis, so major disasters are averted and we can have you back up and running without missing a beat.

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Greensboro Hardware Management and Structured Cabling

Hardware Management and Structured Cabling

Think of your phones, laptops, and desktop computers as the skeleton of your technology infrastructure – it supports and holds up all your communication tools, network, and cloud-based software. If you’re working on outdated hardware, it won’t be able to properly support the rest of your technology, leading to slow speeds and outages. 

We can connect you with the right hardware, from desktop and laptop computers to modern peripherals that will keep you online and within your budget. 

Structured Cabling

We will design and install structured cabling systems that eliminate the confusing, messy, and unstable point-to-point contacts and create a reliable, standardized system of cabling and associated hardware. This makes it easy to scale to add hardware and users to your network, make changes in your setup, and reduce the potential for human error while saving time on cable and port tracing.

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Having managed IT support services is necessary to the success of your business. We help you eliminate downtime caused by technical problems, prevent disastrous data breaches and cyber attacks, and help you access modern, functional hardware that’s within your budget. Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI is proud to provide the best managed IT services in the Triangle, including Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Chapel-Hill, Clayton, Durham, Garner, Greensboro, Holly Springs, Knightdale, Morrisville, Sanford, Smithfield, and Wake Forest.

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