Reasons You Need a Fax Machine

Reasons You Still Need a Fax Machine

In the age of email, it might seem like fax machines are a thing of the past. While it’s true that faxing isn’t nearly as common as it was in the 1980s and 1990s, it’s still alive and well for a number of reasons.

If you don’t have a fax machine in your office, you may wonder why you would ever need one. You might know that they’re commonly used in healthcare, but they’re good for more than being HIPAA-compliant. Faxing is a secure way to exchange information matter what field you’re in.

Six Reasons You Still Need a Fax Machine

1. Can Be Incorporated Into a Multifunction Printer or Device

Most people believe fax machines are still the clunky standalone machines they were decades ago. While it’s true that they once took up as much room as a desktop printer, today fax capabilities can be added to multifunction printers or multifunction devices. This means that your printer, scanner, copier, and/or fax machine are all in one convenient device. Purchasing or leasing a multifunction printer with fax capabilities takes up no extra space in your office and ensures you are always able to send and receive faxes as long as your device has access to an active phone line/port. Whether you fax several times a week or once a year, you will be glad you have it when the need arises.

2. Faxing is More Secure Than Email

We think it’s safe to say that the majority of your business communication happens via email. Unfortunately, emails are easily compromised and data breaches happen on an alarmingly regular basis. When you send an email, it passes through firewalls, servers, virus checkers and even data harvesting bots with no form of encryption to protect the information in it. Viruses are not a concern for faxes since they pass through phone lines, which are completely immune to malware and ransomware. Learn more about protecting your company from malware from our sister company Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI.

In addition, phone lines are more difficult to hack than servers and on the off-chance that they are hacked, the interceptor would simply find an unreadable signal. This is why so many people in the legal and medical fields still rely on fax machines to send and receive information.

3. Many Businesses Use Fax Machines, And They Expect You To

We’ve mentioned that the healthcare and legal fields rely on faxes, but plenty of other industries do, too. Finance, manufacturing, and government, including state and local  other companies, especially in these industries, they’ll expect you to be able to send and receive faxes.

4. Fax Machines Provide Automatic Confirmation

This is a serious advantage that fax machines have over email. When a fax machine successfully sends a fax and it is received on the other end, you automatically receive a confirmation with the date and time of the transmission. When you send an email, how do you know it got to its recipient? Aside from getting a reply or asking if they’ve received it, you don’t get confirmation.

5. Faxes Provide a Paper Trail

This ties in with getting confirmation that a fax was sent and received since that inherently leaves a paper trail. Emails are easily deleted and phone and video calls provide no proof whatsoever. Faxes are hard copies of correspondence and provide time stamped confirmation that the messages were sent and received. Having a paper trail can be extremely useful for protecting yourself and your business.

6. It’s Easier to Send and Receive Signatures via Fax

If your business relies on signed documents, you probably know that signing digital documents is an impediment for many people. While mailing a signed document is always an option and there are a few ways to sign and deliver a document via email, none of these methods are as easy or as secure as faxing.  In addition, faxes are legally binding documents, where emails can be deemed non-binding in certain circumstances.

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