Healthcare Providers Should Use an IT Consulting Company

Health IT has been a focal point for many in both the healthcare and information technology sectors for several years. With this, hospitals and clinics have begun to recognize the advantage an IT consulting firm can give them in regards to security and efficiency, two of the most important aspects of a medical practice.

As technology changes, it’s important that your medical practice is making the right decisions for your medical professionals and patients. An IT consulting company can help ensure your technologies, networks, and hardware meet the needs of your medical practice. Rather than hiring an in-house IT technician or team, our team provides remote consulting and support, drastically reducing your IT consulting cost.

From tighter security to better patient care, here are the top five ways your healthcare practice would benefit from IT consulting from Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI.

  1. Improved Data Security
  2. Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly 24/7
  3. Streamline Systems Across Offices
  4. Coordinate Patient Care More Effectively
  5. Reduces Operating Costs

5 Reasons Healthcare Companies Should Use An IT Consulting Company

1.    Improved Data Security

An IT consulting company ensures the security of your system so that medical records, whether stored in the cloud or offline digitally, are more secure. And with more practitioners giving patients the option to view medical records on their own devices, the need for more security has never been greater. At Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI, we are fully HIPAA compliant and stay up-to-date with changes in technology and IT so we can help keep your practice and your patients’ information safe.

2.    Keep Your Systems Running Smoothly 24/7

As a health care provider, you can’t afford for any part of your system to be down. With an IT consulting company like Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI on your side, you never have to worry about downtime. We work to ensure your systems are always running smoothly and, in the event, something happens, we work quickly to fix it so that your practice is interrupted as little as possible.

3.    Streamline Systems Across Offices

The Raleigh-Durham area is known for having several prestigious medical institutions, but many smaller practices have multiple locations in this area. If this describes your medical practice, Strategic Systems – A Division of CEI can bring uniformity, cohesion, and added security to all offices in your practice. Standardized operations allows employees at different locations to communicate easier than ever and allows practitioners that work at different sites to transition from office to office seamlessly.

4.    Coordinate Patient Care More Effectively

With our cloud hosting services, you’ll have access to all your files wherever you are. Whether you’re in your main location, a satellite medical office, or even making the rare house call, you’ll always have access to patient files. This allows physicians and nurses to provide and receive accurate patient records and coordinate care more easily.

5.    Reduces Operating Costs

IT consulting helps reduce costs by ensuring that your systems are in place correctly from the start and that they’re always operating perfectly. In addition, IT solutions can help eliminate unnecessary paperwork and give medical professionals access to patient records anywhere, which helps prevent over prescription of medicines and helps eliminate redundant or unnecessary testing, all of which lead to an overall reduction in costs.

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